Upholstery Cleaning

The furniture is vacuumed and inspected of any object or material that would potent ion ally interfere with the cleaning. The next step is spraying the furniture with a product that loosens the dirt and bacteria as well as neutralizes odors. Finally it is steam cleaned.

Couch upholstery cleaning is quite a tough job as little spills can turn into stubborn stains if not treated at the right time. You need to react fast and clean the mess before it actually turns into ugly stains that are difficult to remove and can damage the furniture upholstery.

Though we use our upholstery furniture daily, we sometimes forget to keep it maintained. Our upholstery collects just as much dirt and dust as our carpet does, and can only be fully cleaned with the use of special equipment.

Couch upholstery cleaning is a must. Over time dust, dirt, allergens and other bacteria can accumulate and is often invisible to the eye. Not to mention, having your couch regularly cleaned will add value and life to your furniture.

There are many different products on the market that are supposed to "clean your upholstery" and "get the stains out". The only true way to completely clean the upholstery is to have it professionally cleaned. Let Charlie's Carpet Cleaning take care of this task for you!

The living room is the one place where your friends and family gather. So let us make sure everything is clean and in tip-top shape so you can be proud of your place!